Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Kiki The Whiskers Rabbit!

Hey guys! Do you like rabbits? Me? Oh dammit I LOVE THEM! Okay, this is Kiki.  She born in the Land of Rabbits!(beside my house, in the garden). I have no idea which is her mum. I got plenty of them in the Land of Rabbits. Huhhu.  My mom very like her and always call Kiki when she get home. "Kiki!!". huhhu. How old is she? About 1 month I think. I think so.. But the age is not the concern. What I want to say, she got cute whiskers! :D Cute right? Only she's got the whiskers. Her siblings have no whiskers like her. Huhhu. My mom put her in a box and put inside the house. Thank God her poops are not smelly! >.< Just now, about at 9.00 p.m. (Malaysia local time), my mom put her on the dining table. So, I take my camera (actually my brother's), Canon 7D with 17-50mm lens, and took her pictures because I'm Picturesholic. :D These are the pictures. 

I really like to take a portrait of an animals. Like I said in my first entry. Visit my Picasa, there are few more pictures of her. And I also got short video of her. :D hehhe. Enjoy~

1080p Full HD | 1 minutes 21 seconds


  1. kasi aku weh. comelllllll gila!! last time aku bela gak 2 ekor. besar. tp jenis arnab makan la. they were very active. i dont how they be so active. maybe because they were from mesir. (arab kan ganas2. haha) guess what happen to them? i ate both. buat masak rendang. hahahha. bunyi cam kejam. tp nak wat cmne, dr ssh nak jaga dan takut die sakit because of their urine, better sembelih n makan.. yummy. XD

  2. Hahha. Good for you. I never tried their meat. Delicious isn't? hurm.. I got to try some next time. hahha. So damn cruel!

  3. haha.. u should try once. mcm ayam. XD

  4. Egyptian Rabbit is different to the local one, I mean, Malaysian Rabbit. Egyptian always eat every time, and eat a lot at one time. huhhu. Not like Malaysian. Eat nasi lemak sebungkus, one cup of teh tarik.. Mana cukup!!(Shamsul Yusuf) hahha..


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