Friday, 22 July 2011


Salam and hi to dearest my readers. :)
I just arrived in Puncak Alam from Penang. In this entry, I'm gonna tell you a story, not a long story, but a very short story. It's an analogy story. Well, I heard this story from my mother on the way to Puncak Alam. Okay, the story begun..

In the middle of the city, there is a barbershop. In there, there were a barber and his customer. The dialog begun just after the barber cut his customer's hair.

Barber             : I have question for you.
Customer         : Yes, what it's?
Barber             : Is there a God?
The customer just keeps quite.
Barber         : If we have God, why He can’t make world in peace? Why there have wars, killing each other’s, robbery and etc, etc.
After the barber done cutting his customer’s hair, the customer said...
Customer        : Yes, we do have God. (He told the barber to go outside) You see in that field? There are a boy with long hair and an old man seating in the bench with long beard.
Barber             : Yes, I can see them.
Customer         : Why their hair and beard so long, is there no barber in this world?
Barber             : Of course we have; I am a barber!
Customer     : So, why do they have a long hair and beard? It is because they don’t want to go to barbershop. It’s same like your question just now. We do have a God. But, why we still have wars and etc, etc? It’s because they don’t want to get nearer to the God. God gave them a guide line to live, but they don’t want to follow. It’s not God’s fault.

Just a picture.
So, based on this story, we know how important to us a guide from Allah. He gave his guide through Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. We just have to follow correctly. Then we have successful in our life. :D

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Kiki The Whiskers Rabbit!

Hey guys! Do you like rabbits? Me? Oh dammit I LOVE THEM! Okay, this is Kiki.  She born in the Land of Rabbits!(beside my house, in the garden). I have no idea which is her mum. I got plenty of them in the Land of Rabbits. Huhhu.  My mom very like her and always call Kiki when she get home. "Kiki!!". huhhu. How old is she? About 1 month I think. I think so.. But the age is not the concern. What I want to say, she got cute whiskers! :D Cute right? Only she's got the whiskers. Her siblings have no whiskers like her. Huhhu. My mom put her in a box and put inside the house. Thank God her poops are not smelly! >.< Just now, about at 9.00 p.m. (Malaysia local time), my mom put her on the dining table. So, I take my camera (actually my brother's), Canon 7D with 17-50mm lens, and took her pictures because I'm Picturesholic. :D These are the pictures. 

I really like to take a portrait of an animals. Like I said in my first entry. Visit my Picasa, there are few more pictures of her. And I also got short video of her. :D hehhe. Enjoy~

1080p Full HD | 1 minutes 21 seconds

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Unique Pictures.

Hi and Good Monday everyone~
Today, I just wanna share my pictures. To me, these pictures are unique, I don't what it means to you. I'm just sharing my artwork. I rarely don't edit my pictures. Just straight from the Camera Canon 400D. :) I just like the original. But next time, I will try learn more about Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  Just wait and see~ And for this post, I already make my own watermark. You can comment about my watermark, just  for improvement. So, enjoy my little artwork, Unique Pictures.

There are few more in my Picasa. Just click to view and please do comment. :) Thanks for stopping by.

New Logo and Header.

Hi, good day every body. So, after spend an hour looking for an ideas on and, this is the result. And I spend about 2 hours editing the logo. huhhu. At last, I got my own logo. Actually, my logo is an extract from a shutter, the one inside a camera. Just Google it if wanna know what it is. So, please do comment about my logo. :D

Saturday, 16 July 2011

First Entry by Me. Potrait

Hi and good day. 
This is my first entry for my blog. I love photography but not a pro. Photography is just my hobby. So, for my first post, I want to talk about a portrait pictures. I really, really like to take a portrait pictures of somebody even an animals, like cats, rabbits and else. To me, portrait pictures give us a thousand of impressions and emotions. So, these are my little artwork for portrait. :) Enjoy~ and please do comment about my artwork. 

I got lot more, just visit my Picasa. Oh, I'm using Canon 400D. This is an old camera. hahha. Almost about 5 years old. >.< Enjoy~

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